Checking rights in the Land Registry Books

Before purchasing real estate in Israel it is essential to inquire who is the registered owner of rights over the asset and whether the person identifying himself as the legal and sole owner of the asset is indeed so. The information about the owners of a specific land, apartment or other property is managed by the Israeli Land Registry and concentrated in a document called Land Registry Extract. Every person may obtain a copy of the extract of any registered real estate in Israel.

The information about asset owners in made available online at the Ministry of Justice’s website in Hebrew only. To obtain the extract you will need the following details of the property: section number, plot number, and in case of an apartment building – also sub-plot number.

Note: The online version of the form is merely a copy and cannot be regarded as an authorized registry extract or a registry duplicate, as per their meaning in the Land Law and in its subsequent regulations and procedures.

There may be discrepancies between the section and plot data-by-address and between the data of the Land Registry, and additional inquiry may be needed to verify that the data fully matches.

For an online check of your rights in the Land Registry Books