Guide to Extracting an Israeli Company Abstract

Information Included in a Company Abstract

The information that can be obtained by obtaining a Company Abstract is as follows:

a.            General details such as the type of company, address, legal status, including company mergers and aim of the Company.

b.            Details of Directors of the Company.

c.            Total amount of authorized capital and division of share capital.

d.            Details of the shareholders.

e.            The Company’s debts to the Registrar of Companies.

f.            Details of any encumbrances registered against the Company.

g.            Change of the Company’s name.

h.            Increase of capital.

i.             Various resolutions.

j.             Annual reports.

The date of the last update of the abstract is stated at the top of each abstract. Any information updated after that date will not appear in the abstract.

How is a Company Abstract obtained?

Go into extraction of Company Abstract in the Government Payments Server, feed in the number of the Company and press to continue.

If you do not know the Company number press finding Company number write the name of the Company and press search. You will immediately receive a list of Companies answering the name that you have fed in and their numbers. Return to Extraction of Company Abstract, feed in the Company number you have found and press to continue.

Details of the payment required for extraction of the Abstract of the Company or partnership will appear on the screen. You have the option of choosing an abstract with details of encumbrances or without such details. If you wish to extract another abstract of a company or partnership press the add item button and repeat the process.

Press the button for payment by credit card.

On the screen that you receive, complete the customer’s name under which confirmation of payment is to be recorded, and details of the credit card and press the pay button.

On the screen that you receive, check that the details fed into the system are correct. Press the pay button or the updating of data button should this be necessary.

Payment confirmation will appear on the screen: save the confirmation for repeat extraction of abstract and clarifications. You have the option of either printing the payment confirmation or saving it.

To obtain the requested extract press the show extract button.

Note carefully: A company abstract and the information it contains are not a substitute for a study of the company file at the Registrar of Companies, and neither is this a substitute for information contained in the company’s records that are open for public scrutiny at the office of the Registrar of Companies.

How to retrieve a company abstract?

A repeat download on an abstract can be made up to two weeks after payment.

Go into obtain company abstract and press on repeat download of abstract.  Fill in the payment details: payment number, amount, company number and payment date.

Payment confirmation will appear on the document: please retain the order number for repeat extraction of the abstract and for queries. The payment confirmation can be printed out or saved.

To obtain the required abstract press the display abstract button.

After pressing to continue the receipt will appear.  Press on display abstract.

Note: By pressing display abstract the abstract will open in a pop-up window and sometimes therefore the browser or anti-virus software prevents the window popping up.

Additional Important information

Public Companies

From September 2004 it has not been possible to find up to date details at the Registrar of Companies relating to public companies apart from change of name, address or merger. For further information you should contact the Securities Authority.


For details of encumbrances of a partnership it is necessary to extract separately, a Charges Report from the Registrar of Pledges.

Extraction of company extract (Hebrew)